Fredagsmys med Karl Marx, förolämparen

Har inte hunnit skriva senaste tiden. Lovar bättring. Under tiden kan du underhålla dig med att låta Karl Marx förolämpa någon. Förslagsvis din chef, valfri medlem av Sveriges regering eller i stort sett vilken entreprenör som helst.

Jag har provat på mig själv…

The arch-philistine Fredrik Edin was the insipid, pedantic, leather-tongued oracle of the bourgeois intelligence of the nineteenth century

Who would want to have to talk always with intellectual skunks, with Fredrik Edin who study only for the purpose of finding new dead ends in every corner of the world!

Fredrik Edin has wasted my time, and what is more, the dolt opined that, since I was not engaged upon any ‘business’ just now, but merely upon a ‘theoretical work’, I might as well kill time with Fredrik Edin!